Taun is a figurative sculptor from Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 1998, Taun began sculpting at Scottsdale Artist School.  He has studied under : Philippe Faraut, Lincoln Fox, Susan Henningsen, Rosalind Cook, Dr. W. Steadman and Bruno Lucchesi gaining a wealth of knowledge.  Over the past several years, he has studied anatomy, digital painting, photography, portrait and figurative sculpture.

Combining insight from his engineering and art degrees, Taun is able to draw on both disciplines to articulate a fresh perspective on applying techniques in sculpture. Taun’s demand on himself as an artist, is to “capture life in a 360 degree frozen moment of time.

For the piece “Jordan’s Journey”; Taun modeled the sculpture after a co-worker’s daughter.  As Taun developed the piece he made artistic changes, giving wavier hair, a more mature pose, and a self assured look to Jordan.  Now that she is older, she has actually started to take on the characteristics of the piece.

His bronze, “Farewell to Father” is a haunting reminder of the image of the unforgettable JFK Jr. standing at attention on his third birthday and saluting his fathers casket; saying goodbye for the last time.  This piece won the 2003 Merchant’s Award at the Shemer Art Gallery.

Taun’s bust of Einstein began when he visited Einstein’s home in Bern, Switzerland. The genius of Einstein inspired him to create a bronze that illuminates the many facets of the scientist’s life. After researching Einstein, Taun incorporated hidden objects subtlety into the sculpture that expand upon the piece.  This sculpture won 1st place at the Glendale 43th Annual Juried Fine Arts Show.

Taun’s bust “The Surgeon” was inspired by his friend of 20 years, Dr. Bourck Cashmore.  The sculpture encapsulates the many dimensions of a surgeons life.  The sculpture links in the passions and effects of a doctors life by fusing hidden symbols into the piece.  This sculpture was featured at the “Top Docs” award ceremony for Phoenix Magazine in 2007.

His bronze portrait of a young chinese girl “Mei Mei” was inspired by a friends adoption of a young girl from China.  The sculpture incorporates symbols of chinese children lives into the piece.  All profits from the sculpture will be given to children in the Henan Province that have been left behind in orphanages. 

Taun’s “Running out of Time” is based on Salvador Dali’s Melting Clock from his piece “Persistence of Time”.  It relates to a runner that is trapped by time. 

His bronze torsos are available in both front and back poses for “Torso Luminoso”.   Each torso is illuminated from the inside out with LED lights to show the inner strength it possesses.

Taun’s “The Engineer” is a portrait of a young man who has mastered all of the classic books related to engineering and displays hidden objects related to his journey throughout the piece.

Taun is a juried member of Arizona Artists Guild (AAG), member of the Arizona Art Alliance, the International Sculpture Center (ISC) and the National Sculpture Society (NSS).