Every piece of Sculpture begins its life as a square block of red clay.  This piece of clay, sits and waits in a box until an artist comes along and transforms it into a piece of sculpture and hopefully, a piece of great art.

Taun believes that if a piece of sculpture doesn’t tell a story, it is not truly a piece of sculpture.  To capture the story in his sculpture, Taun uses symbols hidden throughout the piece to bring another dimension to his art and embody more information about the subject.

If if doesn’t have a story, a sculpture is not a true piece of art.

If it doesn’t have passion, a sculpture is just a block of metal.

Few things are certain in life, but you can be certain that 

every sculpture created by Taun

                                                     has passion, 

                                                                is a true piece of art, 

                                                                                    and has a story.